Frequently Asked Questions
How to make a deposit?
To deposit, click on the button with the balance in the upper center of the site. Choose a payment method convenient for you and enter the amount of coins.
  • What is the difference between SegWit and Legacy addresses?
  • We support Legacy and SegWit addresses. With SegWit users can have lower fees, but it is not yet supported everywhere. Use Legacy address, if you can’t use SegWit for a transaction.
  • How long should I wait to receive deposit and play?
  • It generally takes up to one hour for the Deposits to appear on your account. Sometimes delays happen with deposits as your wallet may add small fee on the transactions or Blockchain may be overloaded.
    You can check status of transaction at HISTORY tab of your Cashier or at by just copy and pasting deposit transaction hash there. Your bits will be deposited as soon as transaction gets confirmations at Blockchain. If you don’t see deposit after it is confirmed at Blockchain, send us your username and transaction ID and we will check.
    How to withdraw?
    To withdraw money from your account, click on the Wallet button in the upper center of the site. Choose the withdrawal method convenient for you, enter the amount and click "Go to payment". To withdraw money, you must wager 100% of the amount of your deposit (if you played without a deposit - this is not required). All requests are processed on average for 1 day, the maximum period is 3 days. In rare cases, the withdrawal may be delayed, the reason for this is the loading of too many requested, etc.
    Check that you have correctly entered the details for the output on the transaction page in your profile. Cancel the payment if they are incorrect.
    If the payment has already been made to the wrong number, the money will not be returned.
  • Can I withdraw with fiat currency?
  • No, at the moment only Crypto withdrawals are allowed.
    What is Free Demo account?
    You can activate a demo account by clicking on the deposit icon in the upper center of the site.
    Demo account gives players an opportunity to try playing the game with real money before depositing any personal money. But its use is limited.
    It exists for training purposes only - you cannot withdraw these funds, and the history of the games will not be saved.
    Can I get rewards for promoting the website? "Affiliate program"
    Invite other players to our site through your referral link and earn money. Details can be found in your profile.
    Please visit the Affiliate page to learn how you can earn big by promoting us!
    Affiliate page:
    I think I found a bug, can I get paid for that?
    Yes, of course! We believe we’ve fine-tuned website nearly to perfection. But if you still manage to find a bug we didn’t know about already, we’ll reward you! Most of the times people report bugs we already know about. So if you tell us about a bug, you need to trust us (without cryptography) – we always pay if we didn’t know about the bug.
    Do you have a mobile version of the game?
    The website is fully optimized for mobile devices.
    How much is the maximum payout?
    We do not have limits on winnings. Win as much as lucky you are! Only in exceptional cases withdrawals may be processed manually, due to technical issues.
    Rain or Snow is a chat bot that randomly distributes the balance to random players who are online on the site and made deposit in the last 24 hours.
    The quiz can be held automatically in the form of mathematical examples, or by site moderators. The first player to answer the question correctly receives a reward.
    There are no tactics that are guaranteed to work. It all depends on your style of play: fast with great risk or slowly but surely.
    Chat Rules
  • Spam
  • Begging
  • Flooding with messages like "rain" and "quiz"
  • External links/wallets/pages
  • Insults of any kind
  • Selling "Tactics" and services to raise the balance to other players, etc.
  • How to contact you if I have a question?
    Our Support service is working 24 hours 7 days a week and is happy to answer any questions you may have. Support button is located on the bottom of the page.