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    Every user has an account within the Website. User must Sign In at website to play. E-mail is used to get a security code for account verification. If you wish to start making bets, you need to make deposit into your account from a source of which you are the only legitimate owner.
    Site supports various types of bonus. All bonuses are provided with real coins.For more details, please go to Bonus page.
    Bitwilly rewards users for sharing affiliate links and attracting users to website. Bitwilly has one of the highest referral commission rates which can be found at Referral page. User can see number of referrals and total commission received for them at user’s affiliate dashboard. Usernames of referred users can not be shown due to privacy reasons.
    The website allows playing for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash. A minimum withdrawal amount is indicated at Withdraw page in Cashier of the website. Maximum bet is a maximum sum allowed for single bet (May be different at various levels of game and differ in different currencies) and is indicated in the ticket. Bitwilly reserves the right to increase or decrease Maximum Bet at any time with no previous warning. In case of large withdrawals manual processing may be implemented. Manual withdrawals are processed on business days from 10:00 to 18:00 GMT. The player understands that exchange rate for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can change significantly depending on the market fluctuations.
    The User should not withdraw cryptocurrencies to a shared wallet not solely controlled by the user or any other address not solely controlled by the user as any amounts sent to such address may not be properly credited to the user. It is prohibited to share your account access details to third-parties.
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